Me-Ga (Media Innovation & Game Research) is a research unit at Aalborg University in Denmark.

Me-Ga (Media Innovation & Game Research) is a research unit at Aalborg University in Denmark. Our research is focusing on designing, developing and evaluating innovative media experiences and how to create applied serious games with a purpose e.g. to support motivation, engagement, learning, and communication. We are also at the helm of the Samsung Media Innovation Lab for Education (SMILE Lab), where it is possible to experience and work with the latest technological advances within innovative computational media content and interactive storyworlds.

In Me-Ga we ask research questions such as:

  • How can one exploit the captivating properties of games to engage users, students, and gamers by designing, developing, and evaluating transformative and motivating learning environments?
  • How to develop new methods in order to evaluate innovative serious games and media experiences in an applied context?
  • How can one design and implement interactive narrative and storyworlds that adapt to the user in real-time?
  • How can our collaboration with the film, TV, animation and gaming industry be used to research and develop novel virtual production techniques and real-time production tools for film and TV?
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Thomas Bjørner
Associate Professor & Head of Me-Ga

Henrik Schønau-Fog
Associate Professor & Co-director of SMILE Lab

Lars Reng
Co-director of SMILE Lab

Jens Jákup Egholm Gaardbo
Research Assistant

Sergio Estupinan Vesga

Former staff

Lise Busk Kofoed, Professor Emerita
Bjarke Alexander Larsen (Research Assistant)
Dines Rae Selvig (Technical Assistant)
Camilla Mødekær
Aishah Hussain
Mathias Ramsø Thomsen
Ademir Pasalic
Alexander Risvang
Thomas Gymoese
Daniel Herrero Ditlevsen
George Palamas, Assistant Professor

The research team in Me-Ga participate in several national and international research projects.

In our projects we exploit real-time game-technologies for serious games and purposeful interactive experiences. By utilizing basic and applied research, we approach media innovations and games from a variety of perspectives including theoretical analysis, user evaluations, design, experimental studies, narrative research, ethnography, user- and player modeling, usability, action research, and case studies. Our vision is also to introduce novel evaluation methods by using a variety of tools within both self-reports, observations, telemetry and document data, as well as psychophysiological measures in order to understand processes like motivation and engagement.

Research projects can be found here:


You can find a comprehensive list of publications affiliated with Me-Ga here.


You can find a comprehensive list of activities affiliated with Me-Ga here.


For more information, please contact:

Thomas Bjørner

Head of Media Innovation & Game Research,
and contact person

Henrik Schønau-Fog

Co-director of the SMILE Lab