The Samsung Media Innovation Lab for Education (SMILE)

At Me-Ga we have affiliated The Samsung Media Innovation Lab for Education (SMILE), which makes it possible to experience the latest technological advances. The SMILE Lab helps to accelerate the development of innovative computational media content by educating the next generation of mediatech-, storyworld- and game-developers while addressing future challenges of media technology and society.

The equipment in The SMILE Lab includes e.g. the state-of-the art nine 55” screens, which are placed on a 3 x 3 video wall and a panorama set-up with five 65” curved 4K screens. In addition, students and employees may book two class-sets of tablets, GearVR Virtual Reality headsets with Galaxy smartphones, Gear360 cameras, smartwatches and work stations that are optimal for real- time graphics, motion capture and game research.


Co-director of SMILE Lab:
Henrik Schønau Fog:

More about the SMILE Lab can be found here


For more information, please contact:

Thomas Bjørner

Head of Media Innovation & Game Research,
and contact person

Henrik Schønau-Fog

Co-director of the SMILE Lab