Game-based learning

Making homework fun

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Molecular structures in chemistry

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Engagement in reading The Little Mermaid

Engagement in reading The Odyssey

Increasing reading engagement in a 1829 novella

Making fiscal policy engaging

The Bombardment of Copenhagen in 1807

The periodic table

Eco games

Awareness of the plastic crisis

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Plastic pollution in the oceans

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Games for health and well-being

First aid training as a serious game

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Awareness of social anxiety

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Digital narratives and virtual production

The ViZARTS project

Filmmakers and Techies explore Virtual Production and Real-Time Storytelling.

Narratives in procedural environments

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Media innovations

Older adults eating in mixed reality

Mobile Augmented Reality for training

Dynamic lighting to improve work engagement

Evaluation tools and methods

New methods for persona development

A foundation for a successful serious game

Facial expressions

Real-Time Deep Neural Network Analysis of Facial Expressions during Game Play.

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Engagement mapping method

Measuring narrative immersion


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Thomas Bjørner

Head of Media Innovation & Game Research,
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Henrik Schønau-Fog

Co-director of the SMILE Lab