First aid training as a serious game

Replacement for Andreas Mogensens Space Capsule

The Tide river experience

Inducing Vection in a Photorealistic Scene.

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Samsung Media Innovation Lab for Education.

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Awareness of Social Anxiety

Engagement in reading The Little Mermaid

Older adults eating in mixed reality

Dynamic Lighting to improve work engagement

The ViZARTS Project

Filmmakers and Techies explore Virtual Production and Real-Time Storytelling.

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The social elements in e-sport

Engagement in reading The Odyssey

Engagement with and awareness of the plastic crisis

Engagement in reading The Hosier and His Daughter

Non-intrusive Measurement of Player Engagement and Emotions

Real-Time Deep Neural Network Analysis of Facial Expressions during Game Play.

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Space Pollution

Auditory interaction in the Dome of the Tycho Brahe Planetarium Copenhagen.

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Embedded Narratives in Procedurally Generated Environments

Colonizing Mars

Multi user Mobile phone interaction in the Tycho Brahe Planetarium.

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Thomas Bjørner

Head of Media Innovation & Game Research,
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Henrik Schønau-Fog

Co-director of the SMILE Lab